Do you want to be schooled in the art of finger drumming?

I am sure if you are a DJ or a  Producer and you own a Maschine you are probably familiar  with Jeremy Ellis. Many of you probably have seen him in the Native Instrument promotional videos. I must admit though I was majorly impressed with his skills I did not think he could run through a set seamlessly like he did in this video. Push play and me amazed, impressed and inspired.

“Watching Jeremy Ellis demonstrate his legendary finger drumming techniques on Native Instruments’ amazing Maschine is like throwing gasoline on a fire…”

jeremyellis_courseWatching Jeremy Ellis demonstrate his legendary finger drumming techniques on Native Instruments’ amazing Maschine is like throwing gasoline on a fire… the result is very, very hot! Learn the secrets of drum pad performance in this exclusive course from the world’s foremost finger drumming virtuoso…
When we first saw Jeremy Ellis performing his finger drumming on YouTube, our jaws dropped to the floor. Never had we seen such skillful drum pad technique. So we contacted Jeremy and asked if he’d like to create an original Maschine course for us and, after six months of meticulous production, he delivered a masterpiece.

In this course you’ll learn every strategy a finger drummer’s got to know to excel at the craft. Jeremy shares his exclusive warm-up and fingering systems. You’ll see, first hand, his “No Way is Way” Bruce Lee-inspired philosophy on developing your own, personal finger drumming methodology.
Next, Jeremy dives into his Maschine programming tips. Here’s you’ll see how deploys both the Maschine MK2 and Maschine Mikro in his own, idiosyncratic “way”.
Get ready to practice because Jeremy divulges the dexterity exercises he invented and uses daily to keep him at the top of his game.
The more you watch this course, the more it becomes clear that it’s designed to be the finger drumming bible to be watched over and over again to guide you toward your own finger drumming way!



Course Outline
1.Introduction (03:19)
2.Welcome (05:51)
3.Naming Stuff & Navigating (03:34)
4.Load & Review Factory Kit (03:24)
5.The Approach & Warm-ups (02:20)
6.More Warm-ups (01:18)
7.Warming Up Some More (03:27)
8.Create Pattern, Note Names & Lengths (03:39)
9.Create Pattern, Use Draw Tool (05:26)
10.No Way is Way (01:54)
11.Ways 1 & 2 (03:53)
12.Way 3 (02:45)
13.Way 4 (04:02)
14.Ways 5 & 6 (02:56)
15.Review: 1 through 6 (01:57)
16.Ways 7 & 8 (04:16)
17.Ways 9 & 10 (04:43)
18.Review: 1 through 10 (03:45)
19.Hand Stretch Break (03:33)
20.Drag & Drop, New Systems (04:06)
21.Locate & Load Break (02:35)
22.Chopping Break into 16 Chunks (05:29)
23.More 16-Chunk Ideas (03:55)
24.The Jeremy System (08:00)
25.Syncopation, Paradiddles and Fills (01:10)
26.2 into 4, Both Hands or One Hand (05:25)
27.2 into 4, eight-note steady Rhythm (02:53)
28.Paradiddles Concepts (05:12)
29.More Paradiddles Concepts (03:18)
30.2-finger Open Rolls (03:55)
31.More 2-finger Rolls and Triplets (04:56)
32.Fills, Pick-Ups and Ghost Notes (05:27)
33.16th-note Ideas Using Ways 3–6 (02:42)
34.Ways 7 & 8 using 16th Notes (03:15)
35.Way 9 Using 16th Notes (02:06)
36.Way 10 Using 16th Notes (04:40)
37.Crash Cymbals (04:03)
38.Final Exercise and Full Review (All Ways) (08:26)
39.Thanks for Coming! (01:15



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