Daft Punk: Random Access Memories | Through the eyes of The Collaborators



I have  been a Daft Punk fan since their first album release tiles Home Work.  Home Work was a cd I played over and over again and still reach for it to this day. I think it might have been  the first album to inspire my first attempt into digital music production. I remember running out and purchasing my first piece of music production gear called The Roland MC303.

Now, fast forward 16 years with numerous respectable remixes, single, soundtracks, and live albums later to their new release titled Random Access Memories.  The name alone is as creative and  intriguing as these two artists. This talented duo  have been the inspiration for so many aspiring artist and producers. I have a good feeling this album will definitely make a standing impressions on the future of how young producers go about exploring,  creating, and collaborating within their own productions.  I absolutely admire their music, sense of style, mystery, visual appeal, and their emotional connectivity to their art.

Here is a peak into the stories created during the production of the album  from the eyes of  some of their collaborators.

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Daft Punk Random Access Memory teaser:


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