“Ante Up” the remix on Maschine




I suspect many of you that visit my site are also interested in the production and remix game. It does not  matter if you are looking to remix your own music or the music of Hip Classics Like “Ante Up” by M.O.P. What is important, is that you understand the techniques that were used in creating this masterpiece. Also, what is equally important is how to  apply the workflow and techniques of Native Instruments Machine to your own productions. Today I would like to share with you the second installment of  a show running on the Youtube channel of the world renowned music training center for DJs and producers called Dubstop. The Name of the show is called  “Reclaiming the Remix w/ Machine”. In this 2nd  episode Dubspot Instructor and host Shareef Islam sits down with producer, songwriter, sound engineer and artist D/R Period  to shows us how he used the Native Instrument Maschine to reconstruct and remix the acclaimed Hip-Hop Hit “Ante Up”. There is some key information to be learned in this 18 minute segment so sit back relax and learn.



Thoughts form the heart: ” Much can be learn from the past as you learn to utilize the tools of the future” ~ Agent Downbeat


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